Sundial Habitat

Das dasein ist Rund (“the being is round”)

Gaston Bachelard

A space with no angles and rigid partitions, executed in soft felt material represents the making: a place of creativity and mindfulness. In the absence of furniture, soft to the touch, this space is an embodiment of roundness, tranquility and imagination.

Below it, the being is stripped down to its concrete core, serving strictly as a space to support the making and sustain the habitat. The being is hidden from the eyes of the observer and is only accessible after one’s encounter with the making.

The Sundial Folly is a concrete sphere that you can go inside

It was created by John Fung and Paul Figueiredo.

Installed in Harbour Square Park in 1995.

Viewers are welcome to come inside the steel structure wit some wood elements

It is made out of precast concrete and steel structure

There is a split in the middle of the sphere functioning as a sundial facing the South West of Lake Ontario

Interior rendering: Making and being

Interior rendering:Making

Exterior Rendering

Sundial Habitat: Abstract Section

Systems section

Floor plans: making and being


Site Plan 1:125

Concept model

Concept model