Tsutsumi Hotel

Architecture is not simply about space and form, but also about event, action, and what happens in the space

Bernard Tschumi

Submitted to the 5th annual Student Design Competition, Tsutsumi Hotel is a collaborative work of Anna Pogossyan and Kim Zhou.

Our concept for 48 Ontario Street revolves around the symbiotic relationship between old and new buildings. Inspired by Bernard Tschumi’s approach to architecture, we consider the movement within the space and the overall experience as unwrapping a gift, a metaphor for the discovery journey of this historical landmark and cultural icon of Kitchener, Ontario.

Tsutsumi is a Japanese technique of traditional gift wrapping, originally comes from the verb tsutsushimu, meaning “to be discreet or moderate”. 

We believe that the act of unwrapping the gift is just as important as the present itself, and hope that our guests will enjoy wandering between the present and the past of Tsutsumi hotel.