Vacant is a system that allows students to get real-time information on available study spaces across campus. Based on a series of motion-sensitive sensors, Vacant is able to provide accurate data for desk and room availability on demand.

As students, we notice that finding a study spot can sometimes be very challenging and it usually results in wasting time that could be spent studying (or even napping, let’s be real).

We thought that implementing a design strategy that incorporates robotics, data collection and infographics is a way to solve this problem. Since our project is mostly dependent on Arduino kits and the WIFI network, it is feasible to introduce it to all major campuses across the world.

Vacant allows for a stress-free, plan-ahead and waste-no-time student lifestyle while providing insights for the Universities about its facilities usage. We are very excited to be presenting this idea to Red Bull Basement University and hope to see this project grow into an everyday reality of many campuses across the world.