WinterStations 2018: Revolution

Though a lonely voice can be frail, when combined in unison with others, the collective voice sounds with resonance for a greater message.

 Inspired by the foghorn and simultaneously the lifeguard’s megaphone, this installation is composed of 36 vertical modules of different height, enabling visitors to express their opinions through – en plein air.

As one projects their voice into the horn, they also amplify the conviction of their words. As the wind blows through the installation, it carries these sounds and ideas into the atmosphere to form a collective message. Being in a constant state of flux (rotated by the visitors and/or the wind), these modules represent the collective voice. This project seeks to redefine the word “riot” by moving away from its negative connotation towards a meaning of expression and dialogue in which different voices come together to form the chords of freedom, open exchange and community.

Submitted to Winter Stations Design Competition 2018.

A group project by Ben Chang, Anna Pogossyan, Purvangi Patel, Amr Alzahabi, Tracee Jia, Iris Ho, Adria Maynard, Jia Sheng Lu, Carlos Chin.